We are huge fans but know they’re just not for everyone. And we’re asked all the time, “Should I have a veil?”

First off it’s helpful to know some of our most iconic images with brides are in veils. They’re a defining statement that has an unparalleled beauty about them for portraits, kisses, the moment when you’re dressing before the ceremony and of course most of all that walk down the aisle to the love of your life. Simply as the light flows through as your eyes peer out or as it frames your walk behind you, your veil is a layer of royal beauty that can create some of the most iconic moments of your wedding day.

Something else to consider, they’re a piece to pass down for generations and you can easily frame one as an amazing work of art and token of your wedding day. We’ve photographed simple birdcage to elaborate chapel detailed layered to the gold thread or monogrammed veils. The list is long for styles and it’s so important to get it right for personal taste and for that statement. Choosing one that fits the location, season and venue can be everything. If you’re on the beach one too heavy could be caught up in the sand. If you have a gorgeous set of stairs that will be a part of your day or portraits a long veil could be your dream piece. Another consideration is your hairstyle and of course your style of dress and feel of your overall wedding day.

After you say I do, the veil may not stay on for much longer but long enough for the wind to kiss it as you lean over for that special kiss to your newlywed. It’s a timeless then and now.

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